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About Tamara

Hi, my name is Tamara, a Maryland pianist and teacher who enjoys teaching all ages how to play the piano. 

I’ve created a warm and artistic space in my home in which to teach fun and inspiring lessons that are tailored to each student’s musical journey. I know from my own path and watching my children undertake lessons that learning to play the piano is an endeavor that takes time, practice, and patience, but the rewards foster a sense of independence, ingenuity, discipline, and mindfulness.

My passion is to instill in each of my students the confidence and joy to play the piano as well as cultivating an appreciation of music no matter where they go in life

For over 13 years, I’ve studied classical piano technique, music theory, and performance. I consider myself a perpetual student, always deepening my knowledge of music theory and teaching. What I’ve discovered as a student and a teacher is that everyone has the capacity to make music especially if they love what they are playing and are determined to make time for it. 

I continue to study with master teachers in the area, many of whom have studied at the Peabody Institute of Baltimore, the Paris Institute and the University of Maryland. I’m grateful to these teachers who have passed on to me their artistic insights as well as cultivating technique and repertoire that is always fresh, meaningful, and inspiring. 

In 2013, I was encouraged to open my own piano studio in my home and begin teaching lessons to a small group of students on our Yamaha C3 grand. What began as a hobby, while I raised my children, turned into a full-time profession of teaching piano. I am fortunate to have a vibrant group of students and families that make our studio a warm and inviting community.  

Over the course of the last year, I traveled to Costa Rica and Mexico to become a 300 level certified yoga teacher with Marianne Wells Yoga School. Through the training, I learned the asanas, poetry and breath work of yoga, as well as many techniques for deepening the connection to all of our senses. It is my hope to integrate these teachings into my piano studio to bring greater concentration, relaxation, and joy into playing the piano.

About the Studio

Engel Piano Studio, led by Maryland piano teacher Tamara Engel, is a place where students of all ages and experience come together to learn the art of playing the piano. 

Engel Piano Studio is located in between Olney and Rockville, Maryland in a nurturing and artistic space.  If you would like to know more about the studio, please contact Tamara.

Students gain the technical foundation of playing the piano by studying scales, chords, and arpeggios as well as learning correct posture and body alignment to cultivate beautiful technique and relaxed playing.

A variety of music styles including classical, jazz, blues, and contemporary are introduced to students along with seasonally inspired music that is chosen by both the student and teacher.

Students enjoy playing musical games and developing their own compositions as well as playing duets.  The real magic happens when students share their work with friends and families in performance classes and recitals throughout the year.