Tamara Engel | Piano Teacher
Tamara Engel | Piano Teacher

Hi, I’m Tamara Engel, a pianist and teacher who has a passion for working with beginning and intermediate piano students!

My favorite part of teaching is to help each student discover how much fun it is to play the piano and develop the confidence, poise and motivation to express themselves as well as lay the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of music.

In the process of raising my own children, an accomplished pianist and writer, a college tennis player and guitarist, as well as an actress and budding ukulele player, I came to understand that each of us has our own special gifts, ways of learning, and challenges to overcome.

It was through this experience, as a mother, that created the template for my teaching philosophy in that each student is a unique individual deserving of inspired, focused lessons that bring out their natural artistry.

My ten plus years of study under great piano teachers has allowed me to develop high level teaching skills, as well as further my knowledge of piano technique, theory and performance.  When not teaching piano or performing with other adult piano groups, you’ll likely find me hiking, biking, traveling, writing poetry, cooking or just enjoying friends and family.