In Our Student’s Words…

Regardless of age, there are many benefits of playing the piano including enhanced stimulation of multiple regions of the brain, increased focus and concentration as well as memory, developing discipline and perseverance to learn new music and skills, and expanding our aural awareness and imagination. Moreover, playing the piano or any instrument can help us relieve stress and gain a sense of calmness in our lives as well as provide us with an immediate creative and emotional outlet.

Here is what a few students in our studio expressed about learning to play the piano and how it has shaped their life.

“I have come to realize that the piano is my safe-haven. It’s where I go when I need to calm and center myself.”

“Every time I practice, I always come away with an awareness of something new whether it be a new sound or something I didn’t see before—it impacts how I experience everything else in my life.”

“I like playing the piano because no one else in my family does it!”

“Playing a piece [of music] by memory, gives me a secret weapon I can take anywhere!”

“When I played my piece at the performance last week, I was scared but I realized I knew it better than anyone in the room and so I played it, and it came out great!”

“If I knew before I started playing how hard it would be, I would never have begun. Now that I know how hard it is, I’m more determined to keep going.”

“The piano, to me, is the heart of our home. It’s the one thing I would take with me if I could take nothing else.”

“If I could play the piano instead of going to school, I would do that.”